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                信科院:An introduction to offshore wind technology and recent research work at NTNU on integrated dynamic analysis for design and installation of offshore wind turbines
                学术地点 信科院542报告厅 主讲人 高震 教授
                讲座时间 2019年7月27日星期六,上午9:00

                报告题目:An introduction to offshore wind technology and recent research work at NTNU on integrated dynamic analysis for design and installation of offshore wind turbines



                讲者:高震 教授

                主持人:张英杰 教授

                高震伸手接過是来自挪威科技大学海洋工程系的教授、副院长,师从海洋装备与新能源领域世界顶尖学者Torgeir Moan教授(挪威快3彩票院院士、英国皇家♀工程院院士、挪威話他一時半會也殺不了你們皇家快3彩票与文学院院士)。他是Marine Structures国际期刊副主编, Journal of OMAE编委会委员≡,ISSC大会近海可再生能源专家她已經蘇醒了過來分会主席(2012-2015、2015-2018)。长龐子豪期在近海可再生能源、海洋平台随机载荷与响应分析、结构可靠性〇评估、风电装备技术及其故障诊 簡單断等领域从事研究工作。承担了挪 呼威国内研究中心(CeSOS,AMOS,SFI MOVE)和欧盟(SEEWEC,MARINA Platform,MARE-WINT等)等机构的多个研究项目。目前已↓发表学术论文186篇,其中包括▲国际期刊论文102篇,国际会甚至比四大家族都要悠久议论文84篇。


                In the first part of this presentation, a brief introduction about the state-of-the-art offshore wind technology will be presented, including the current status and trend in offshore wind industry and research. In the second part, a summary of the recent work at DMT/NTNU regarding dynamic response analysis of offshore wind turbines during their normal operations and in the phase of onsite installation will be presented. In particular, the focus is on the development of numerical methods for coupled wind- and wave-induced loads and response analysis of floating wind turbines, their validation against the experimental results of a semi-submersible wind turbine, as well as numerical modelling and simulation of wind turbine drivetrain dynamics under normal and faulty conditions. Then, on the aspects of marine operations related to installation of offshore wind turbine blades and support structures, a methodology for assessment of sea state limits for safe operations using response-based criteria will be presented after a general introduction to marine operations. Numerical analyses for installing blades by crane operations and damage assessment in case of blade impact/contact with surrounding structures, as well as automatic control of tugger lines for motion reduction of blades during final connection to the hub will be discussed in detail. Main conclusions and suggestions for future work.

                上一条:机械院:Smart Microsystem, Sensors and Acoustofluidics (智能微系统、传感♀器和声流体)
                下一条:化工院:Recent Progress in Total Syntheses of Naturally Occurring Molecules